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Your Arcade Script

Your Arcade Script is FREE, yes that’s right it’s a free arcade script.

It’s style may be lacking and looking a little outdated, but it’s certainly something you could play around with, if you’re thinking of entering the arcade industry or if you’re a half decent developer.

It appears to have a small but active user base, judging by the support forums.


It doesn’t appear to have ad a major update in around 6 years, but there’s evidence of some small bug fixes and repairs to older versions of the script.


Front End Features:

  • Facebook login.
  • Categories.
  • New or blogs section.
  • User and website stats.
  • Game rating system.
  • Comment system on games.
  • Most played games.
  • Latest games section.
  • Search function (Google powered).
  • RSS feeds for games.
  • 2 arcade themes to select from.
  • Add games to favorites.

They do offer a paid instillation service, if you're looking to run an arcade but have no experince with server or site setup.

Additionally there's also some paid game pack, if you're after a lot of games and fast. However, this would have a negative effect on your sites SEO.


There’s no mention of backend features and there doesn’t appear to be a backend demo available.

Overall,there’s not really a lot to judge this script on, there’s not too much mentioned on the site about features, backend of frontend and it doesn’t appear to be updated regularly.

Personally if I was looking for a FREE script to start with, I think there’s better options available.


Try it Here


Pacey 17th May 2017

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Your Arcade Script