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Best Arcade Script

Best Arcade Script is a fully responsive mobile and web friendly arcade portal solution.

Launched in 2014 and still going strong today, they have managed to withstand the recent turmoils within the online world of arcades.

Best Arcade Script comes packed with a ton of features including:

  • Cross Platform and Responsive Designs

  • Drag & Slide interface

  • Pre Gameplay Pages

  • Dynamic Content

  • Slidable Menu

  • Dynamic Categories

  • Lightweight (maximum 3MiB only)

  • Unique Smart Rating Widget

  • Social Buttons and Widgets

  • Search Engine width a Search Bar

  • Easily customisable ad slots including mobile ads.

The script supports a number of game types those including:

  • HTML5

  • Flash

  • Unity 3D

You can also use Embed Codes which will allow you to add formats which are not supported above. Not only that but you can use these to host browser MMO games or save resources when games are rather large.

The script also offers a large number of XML feeds, allowing you to quickly and easily import games from a number of sources.



You’re able to import more than 1,700 HTML5 mobile friendly games and a grand total of over 57,000 games from across the feeds.

Best Arcade Script has a variety of price points. Ranging from $39 for a basic package all the way up to $299 for an unlimited number of sites.

See the demo

Pacey 10th May 2017

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Best Arcade Script