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Epic Game Ads

Epic Game Ads if probably one of the best known ad networks for arcade owners and certainly one of the best networks to start with for new arcade owners.

They offer a variety of ad types.


Website ads:

  • A good variety of banners.
  • Popunders.



  • In game ads for both Flash AS2 and AS3.
  • Revenue split available if you’re wanting to split with sponsors or developers.


There's also an additional revenue stream which doesn't appear to be mention on their site homepage. Once you login, you will be able to see a small selection of revshare games, where basically you host the games, the games have microtransactions and you get a share of any revenues generated by the games.

For more on revshare opportunities, see our Revshare Section


They work on a Net 30 payment system, meaning you will get paid within 30 days for the previous month's earnings. Much like Google Adsense and Admob.


Signup requirements are simple, all you need is a site with a ranking of less than 3 million Alexa rating, you should have that even if you’re the only visitor and have the Alexa toolbar installed. So again, a good network to start with.


I personally used Epic Game Ads for a few years when I was first playing around with arcades and they always paid on time and the rates were pretty decent too (For Arcades).

In conclusion, it’s a pretty decent network and one of the only few still around after the big arcade depression of the last few years.


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Pacey 10th May 2017

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Epic Game Ads

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