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About Games Founder

Games Founder was created to provide a community, information and assets for the indie games industry. We strive to offer assets (images and sounds) which are completely free to use for both personal and commerical use. Everything listed has been sourced as public domain and therefore requires no credit to the authors or Games Founder. When available we list the author of each asset, so if you have any doubts you can find and contact them.

So, what is Games Founder? After years of working within the industry ourselves, we have used a number of websites for many of the things Games Founder offers. A community in one place, articles in several other, music, sound and images from anywhere and everywhere. After trying and failing to find one central location for the things we use on a daily basis, we decided it was time someone filled the void. So that’s exactly what we’re doing here with Games Founder.

Games Founder isn’t designed to just be a site for developers, but a hub where anyone with any role in the games industry, be that a producer, sound designer, developer, writer, artists or anything inbetween. Have a place to come together, learn from each other and work together to do what we do best, create games.

Latest Articles

Do Your Research: Where’s the toilet? (Level Design) 22nd Aug 2017

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying either a game that they are making or one that they are playing! I have been thinking about what to write about, what deep design philosophies can I share wi

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Level Design First Blocks: Part 3 – Personal Skills 15th Jun 2017

This the third and final part of the trilogy, in the previous two parts I talked about Level Design in a games development which is what an LD does at each stage of the project and routes to becoming

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